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The Computer Center is the heart of the Computing facility in the college. The Center has a high-end configuration, personal computers, Server and Networking equipments. It is having the Layer-III switches, Dual processor (Xeon) Server and Firewall Server. This is the place where all the Optic Fiber cables of the entire campus are terminated. It provides the Intranet connectivity to the entire campus. It also maintains the Web server, Mail server and FTP server for the entire campus. The Center is providing Internet access on around thirty nodes, which is used by all the staff & students.


Computer Science & Engg. Department have the following computer laboratories:

  • Advance 'C' and Data Structure
  • Object Oriented programming Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Design Pattern Lab
  • Operating System Lab
  • Data warehousing and Mining Lab
  • Database Management System  Lab







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