Training and Placements

About Training and Placements Department

Dr Ajit Harde

T&P Officer
Mobile No.: +91-8600006977
E-mail id :

T&P Department of the college is working overtime to take the placement graph of the students higher and higher. Apart from the placement activities, the department is also organizing Training Activities and Alumni Activities very successfully.

Structure : The T & P Department consists of T & P officer and one T & P Coordinator from each major department

Dean T&P

Name : Mr. Makarand Dixit
Mobile No. : +91 9823050761
E-mail id :

  • The department of Training and Placements is one of the most important central departments of the college. It handles following functions.
  • Placement: The department liaisons with the primer industries and invite them for conducting on-campus of off-campus selection of the students. The department also takes feedback from the employers, so as to prepare the student to meet the expectation of the industries.
  • Training: To increase the employability of the students and to prepare the students to meet the expectation of the industries. It also conducts a lot of training programs in the area of domain skills & soft skills by inviting eminent speakers from the industries. It conducts aptitude development workshop every year. It also conducts mock aptitude tests, group discussion & personal interviews for the students.
  • Career Counseling: The department provides career guidance & Career Counseling to the students. It also facilitates the students in preparing for the various competitive exams like IES, GATE, CAT, GRE, TOEFL etc.
  • Alumni Activities: The department also handles the alumni activities of the institute & regularly conducts alumni meets in institute & other cities. It maintains the database of the alumni collects feedback from the alumni & passes it on to the college & respective departments for further improvement.
  • Interaction with professional bodies: The department is actively associated with the professional bodies in the region.
  • To enhance employability and for sustained performance of our students we impart Soft Skill, CRT , Industry centric technology training.

Activities under T&P Cell

Guest lecture on entrepreneurship Development to motivate budding engineers to be entrepreneurs and instead of being job seeker they must be job giver. Sonali Mishra from Mitcon was Expert Speaker.

Workshop on "How to Improve English Communication" under this workshop students learned how to apply tricks and make practice of those to improve their English communication
Placement Activity Report
Sr. no. Name Branch Company Package Lakhs
1 Shamal Walke CSE Tech mahindra 3
2 Yogita Taklikar CSE Global Logic 5
3 Ruchika Jibhkate CSE Zensar Technologies 3
4 Minal Thakre ETC Amazon 3
5 Raj Goswami EE Amazon 3
6 Akshita Armarkar ETC Amazon 3
7 Anushree Jain IT Epic Research 3
8 Abhishek Shirpurkar CSE Epic Research 3
9 Jhuma Singha EN Epic Research 3
10 Minal Thakre ETC Epic Research 3
11 Raj Goswami EE Epic Research 3
12 Shradha Bais CSE Essence IT 1.80-2.20
13 Minal Thakre ETC eClinical Works 3
14 Anushri Jain IT FACE 3
15 Sneha Mishra CSE FACE 3
16 Pratiksha Bhalkar EE FACE 3
17 Raj Goswami EE Collabera 2
18 Ankita Waghulkar CSE Axiom 3
19 Shubham Ramtekar CSE Axiom 3
20 Abhishek Khadatkar CE Byjus 6
21 Raj Goswami EE Byjus 6
22 Madhura Hawale ETC Techiweb 2
23 Anuradha Mallik CSE Techiweb 2
24 Akshita Armarkar ETC NFLM 3.0-5.0
Sr. no. Name Branch Company
1 Divya Bawankule Electrical TCS
2 Isha Ramteke Electrical TCS
3 Vaibhav Kurve Electrical TCS
4 Shushant Kumar ETC TCS
5 Payal gajbhiye CSE Global Infotech
6 Payal gajbhiye CSE Fiserv technology
7 Dhanashri Jijotiya ETC AMAZON
8 Priyanka Kumbhare ETC Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
9 Pallavi Nimbolkar ETC Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
10 Nidhi Kambde ETC Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
11 Kunal Paunikar ETC Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
12 Shital Wadaskar ETC Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
13 Lakhan Kawre EN Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
14 Himanshu EN Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
15 Roshan Patil CSE Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
16 Vishakaha Asawle CIVIL Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
17 Devyani Rahate EE Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
18 Snehal Tajne EE Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
19 Ankita Barai EE Relible first Adcon Private Ltd.
20 Paras Batra CIVIL Techture sturcture Pvt. Ltd
21 Bobby Chaudhary EE OFOS
22 Amol Halbe EE OFOS
23 Nidhi Kambde ETC FACE
24 Kran Batra CIVIL Indian Navy
25 Rahul Jain CIVIL Indian Navy
26 Vishakha Asawle CIVIL Indian Navy
27 Harshada Thakrey CIVIL Indian Navy
28 Pawan Jethani CIVIL Indian Navy
29 Satish Urkude EE Indian Navy
30 Akash Rai EE Indian Navy
31 Mayur Pdhore EE Indian Navy
32 Akshya Jodhe EE Indian Navy
33 Amol Jagnade EE Indian Navy
34 Sagar Sitewar CSE Indian Navy
35 Shubham Avdhut CSE Indian Navy
36 Vishakha Aswale CIVIL Astral Informatics
37 Rahul Jain CIVIL Astral Informatics
38 karan Batra CIVIL Astral Informatics
39 Harshada Thakrey CIVIL Astral Informatics
40 Akash Mahatne CIVIL Astral Informatics
41 Gopesh Gaurav CIVIL Astral Informatics
42 Nikhil Yeole CIVIL Astral Informatics
43 Paras Batra CIVIL Astral Informatics
44 Snehal Tajne ELECTRICAL Astral Informatics
45 Shrutika Kurve ELECTRICAL Astral Informatics
46 Devyani Rahate ELECTRICAL Astral Informatics
47 Ankita Barai ELECTRICAL Astral Informatics
Sr.No. Name of Student Branch Company Name
1 Ms. Divya Samarth CSE L & T Infotech
2 Ms. Shivani Samarth CSE L & T Infotech
3 Mr. Saurav Sahay ETC L & T Infotech
4 Mr. Manish Sahu ETC L & T Infotech
5 Mr. Vivek Sawarkar ETC L & T Infotech
6 Ms. Monika Diwane ETC L & T Infotech
7 Mr. Kapil Gidwani ETRX L & T Infotech
8 Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar ETC Integrated Wireless Solution
9 Mr. Shahid Sheikh ETC Integrated Wireless Solution
10 Ms. Priyanka Bire ETC Integrated Wireless Solution
11 Ms. Samata Deshbhratar CSE NSP Futuretech
12 Ms. Monica Diwane ETC Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)
13 Mr. Atul Charpe CSE Zeona Software
14 Ms. Ketki Kavishwar CSE Zensar Technology
15 Mr. Ashish Gupta Civil Astral
16 Mr. Manish Kharade Civil Astral
17 Mr. Shubham Khorgade Civil Astral
18 Ms. Ankita Morghade CSE Dhandhaniya Infotech
19 Mr. Sagar Deotale ETRX IKYA human Capital Solution
1 Jyoti Sonarghare IT Smart Data Enterprise
2 Pooja Joshi CSE Zensar Technology
3 Shirish Kukde CSE Zensar Technology
4 Anant Pal CSE Zensar Technology
5 Pratiksha Makde ETC Tech Mahindra
6 Akash Bongirwar (SL) IT Indian Navy
7 Mithilesh Uppadhyaya CSE Syntel